Terri Turner "The Listener"

Partner, Broker, Certified Residential Specialist

“I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.” — Susan B. Anthony

I was born in Western New York State and I spent an idyllic childhood on a farm. By idyllic, I do not mean sleepy. Nor do I mean clean. From eating corn silage during our “let’s pretend we’re cows” game, to stepping in cow patties in the pastures to playing hide & seek in the cornfields, country living was an exploration of life in all its glory. And muck.

Fast forward: I’ve graduated from high school and my family has moved to Morganton, NC — a small town with really nothing to offer young adults. Like a beacon, Chapel Hill called out to me:

‘Send me your liberal, your young, your intellectual masses, yearning to drink mocha lattes.’

I attended UNC and graduated with a degree in English Literature. After graduating, I experimented with this thing called adulting; marriage, children, homeownership and various career opportunities. I discovered Weaver Street Realty and I’ve been here ever since. My cohorts are a group of talented, opinionated, funny and most certainly, supremely professional people.

Weaver Street Realty is not your typical real estate firm. We have a love of the land and our community; a team with a strong work ethic and a belief in a different way of doing business. Above all, we are people who know who we are and what we stand for. We welcome everyone and treat everyone equally with respect and dignity.

Real estate is my passion, but it isn’t my only passion. I work out regularly at South Durham Crossfit and have been known to run an obstacle course race now and then. My other passion is live music and I love when I can introduce my friends to new music.

Belief: “Obstacles are put in your way to help you learn and grow.”

Background: A member of the Weaver Street Realty family since 2001. I am part of the Yankee migration to the South. Sorry ya’ll.

Favorite Causes: