Adam Phillips "The Dancer"

Adam Phillips is an accomplished dancer, an adventurer and a well-traveled country boy who grew up on a small farm in Chatham County. Adam has a love of the outdoors, connection, living things, and seeing the world. On the farm he connected with nature at an early age and quickly learned how vital it is to take care of the land, the animals who live on it and the community. In this environment he was taught the value of hard work and the importance of taking care of people.
His father Gary Phillips is a founding partner so he has been with Weaver Street Realty and Auction Company since day one. Working at auctions and doing environmental fieldwork all over the region helped him gain an appreciation for connecting to a wide variety of people with many different wants and needs. This love of people has led him throughout his life.
His childhood lifelong friends are amazing musicians who also continue to follow their love and passion for creativity and freedom of expression, continuing to inspire him. Their music inspired Adam to pursue a career in dancing. He has taught and performed across the Americas and Europe as well and Africa and Asia. In addition to working with Weaver Street Realty Adam operates his own dance studio which is also on Main St. in Carrboro.
Adam’s love of the land, knowledge of a working farm, and enjoyment of connecting and helping people are assets he brings to work every day and make him a perfect fit with Weaver Street Realty.