Miranda Parker "The Traveler"


Miranda Parker is a born and raised Tarheel whose strong roots have blessed her with a wonderful and diverse community. An adventure-seeker and traveler, Miranda has been lucky to experience many different cultures, but Chapel Hill will always be home. As a “people person” with a wide network of family and friends, she thrives on connecting with and helping others. Her energy and charisma have served her well over many years in customer service, and she has found her niche in joining Weaver Street Realty.

Daughter of WSR owner Jay Parker, Miranda began attending open houses, walk-throughs and company events at an early age. She has always admired her dad’s openness, dedication and ability to forge meaningful relationships with his clients, and she knows that she has been learning from the best. Miranda is proud and excited to be a part of the next generation of the WSR family.

Miranda graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Psychology, which provided her with knowledge she put to good use over a decade and a half in the restaurant world. Through years of working as a bartender, manager and server, as well as a stint with a wine and beer distributor, she has built and sustained many multigenerational clientele relationships.

Miranda now lives in Durham, where her network and opportunities have continued to expand. She loves music and singing, as well as dancing, team sports, and spending time in nature. She has recently taken back up two loved hobbies, tap dancing and basketball, with great joy. She is a board game enthusiast, especially cooperative endeavors, and delights in fantasy fandoms and superheroes. She has an affinity for languages and is conversant in Spanish and Greek. She prides herself on attuned organizational skills and attention to detail. Miranda also has a flair for interior decoration and home staging, which she plans to pursue as a secondary element of her business.

Belief: “Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.” — Albus Dumbledore


Favorite Causes:


“We had a great experience with Miranda Parker as our agent. She had outstanding customer service while bring us to visit homes, and via phone or email for new homes she had found for us. Miranda’s commitment to her client was unparallel to any other agent we had in the past while purchasing or selling our homes. Miranda also has a vast knowledge of the area, and can express how certain mortgages work, seeing some of the positive and negative issues, understand neighborhoods, direct you through the process of getting an inspector, and having dotting all your i’s and crossing all your t’s. We built a relationship with Miranda because she is a easy intelligent person open to communication. She is a good listener in every way, going above and beyond her duties. She always communicated to both of us how the process was going to work. The entire selling process was smooth, and comfortable. Miranda and her team are knowledgeable and kind. She is always quick to answer any questions and concerns. You can tell that Miranda is passionate about being a realtor by the way she treats her clients. I highly recommend her, thank you again Miranda!” – Laura D.

“Terri Turner and Miranda Parker helped my partner and me find the perfect home for us in an impossible market. Their excellent communication, attention to detail, and expert guidance in crafting our offer made all the difference. So very happy to have worked with these brilliant realtors.” – Karen Tucker