Thomas Mills "The Advocate"


Thomas Mills knows three things: North Carolina, politics and real estate. The Anson County, NC, native spent 25 years as a political consultant, helping candidates and advocacy groups across the state and nation. Now, he’s shifting his focus to his other passion. Thomas has owned property from the mountains to the coast and now wants to help other people find new homes or new land.

Thomas grew up in a small town where he learned to value a sense of place. He’s long had an interest in property and houses. As a young man, he spent time working as both a surveyor and a carpenter. Even though he shifted careers into politics, he’s never stopped looking at land and houses. His children joke that on vacation, their dad takes them to open houses.

Thomas knows people from one end of the state to the other but he knows the Triangle the best. He’s lived here for most of the past 35 years with a three year stint in Shelby. He’s owned property in Chatham County, Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough. He knows the people, the places and the schools. He understands the market and what makes each part of the area special.

After years of promoting politicians and causes, Thomas will put the same effort into advocating for you, whether it’s finding your new home, or a place to build it, or selling your old one. If you’re looking for property somewhere besides the Triangle, Thomas can use his extensive network to connect you with people who know the area and can help you achieve your goals.